At the International Academy of Sales, Marketing, and Leadership, we believe that a quality education should be within everyone’s reach. We feel that it’s unfair for other institutions to charge tens of thousands of dollars in tuition fees. The mission of the academy is to help people achieve their professional dreams by giving them the tools and knowledge required to succeed in the world of business.

Our commitment to this mission has allowed for us to adopt the “Say No to Student Loans” philosophy. We want all of our students to graduate with zero debt.

We also give alumni the option to make their tuition money back upon graduation. By applying for the Alumni Referral Program, you will be eligible to refer future students using a special code.

Alumni may refer as many students as they desire. At three successful referrals, alumni will earn back their full tuition (and then some more on top of that!)

This can be a great way for alumni to either start their own referral business or supplement their income on the side.




Total Program Cost

Certificate in Professional Sales

6 weeks


Certificate in Marketing

6 weeks


Certificate in Business Leadership

6 weeks


Our goal is for every single student to graduate without debt. Our tuition rates are priced so that no student should require a federal student loan.

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*Tuition is billed prior to program start and prior to the following week. Registration requires payment. If tuition is not received at any point during the program, the student will have their progress as a suspended until payment is received.

**The International Academy of Sales, Marketing, and Leadership is unable to generate loans. The International Academy of Sales, Marketing, and Leadership is unable to recommend outside companies for private loans. Students should always do their due-diligence before accepting a loan from an outside entity.