Our mission is to help educate the future business leaders of the world. We want to give alumni all the tools that they need for a successful new professional career. Taking this core philosophy to heart, we offer a free résumé guide along with a template that will help you obtain a new career.

The résumé is a crucial piece in job searing. Recruiters use the résumé to determine if you are qualified and if you’d be a good fit for the job description. As such, the résumé needs to be perfect. You will have to craft the perfect résumé that will not only impress hiring managers but marketing directors and sales experts too. The downloadable template provided at the bottom of the page has been tested successfully by real corporate executives.

To craft the perfect résumé:

Briefly Highlight Education

Many employers are looking for sales, marketing, or management associates who possess a certain skill set, such as teamwork, persuasiveness, discipline, ambition, and motivation. If one possesses these skills and attributes, they are the perfect candidate for the job. Because of this, a high school diploma is usually required. There are certain instances where a college degree is required, such as biotech sales, high-level management, etc.

For those who have college degrees in fields that do not pertain to sales, marketing, or leadership, or for those who feel as if a high school diploma isn’t enough…don’t worry. Many students choose to add one of our inexpensive certificates to their educational background to give them an edge against the competition.

Numerically Break Down Positive Results

In addition to education, a lot of employers are looking for candidates who have been successful in the past. In business, experience is the best way to learn and get better. Those who have achieved success before are more likely to be successful again. Therefore, you should always include your successes in your past experience. Be careful though – sales hiring managers are looking for tangible proof that you are good. Don’t offer vague statements – give them hard data and facts. For example, rather than just saying something like “More than doubled the sales volume,” say “Increased sales revenue by 128%, a 561k increase from the year before.”

Highlight Awards and Accomplishments

Just like the previous tip, managers like to hire those who have been given awards for their successes. It means they were distinguished from their peers as someone who is among the best. Otherwise, how would we know that a 128% increase is good relative to everyone else? Leaders are looking for those who are top performers in their field. Include any awards, such as “Sales Executive of Quarter Three, 2014” or “Most Valuable Marketing Executive of the Year.”

Include skills and references

Adding a short line at the bottom that includes your skills or references can make all the difference in the world. Proactively including this information (especially references) can reassure hiring managers that you are not only a solid candidate but have the references to back it up.

Keep it Clean, Organized, and Error-Free

There are many résumés that are jam-packed with great experience but are just plain messy. Weird formatting, hard-to-read fonts, and packing too much on one page can be distracting for people who sift through hundreds of résumés every day. It’s OK to have a résumé that is “different,” but just make sure it is easy to navigate and not too confusing. You ultimately want to make it easy for a hiring manager to quickly see your accomplishments without having to search for them. Not to mention – it’s always a great idea to double/triple/quadruple check spelling & grammar before you send it along. Nothing is worse than a candidate who is detail “oreinted.”

Take advantage of these four tips when creating your résumé and you will surely impress the hiring managers.

Click here to download our résumé template