One of the most significant perks of being an alumnus is that all alumni are automatically eligible for the Alumni Referral Program.

With the Alumni Referral Program, students who have successfully completed a certificate program at the International Academy of Sales, Marketing, and Leadership will have the ability to refer students to the program and be compensated for each referral.

How it works:

  • Upon graduation, you will receive a personalized alumni ID number.

  • If upon registration, a new student enters your personal ID number in the appropriate field, you will receive $200.00.

  • The new student who entered your ID number will receive $50 off their tuition.

Alumni may refer as many students as they desire. At three successful referrals, alumni will earn back their full tuition (and then some more on top of that!)

This can be a great way for alumni to either start their own referral business or supplement their income on the side.