Admission to the International Academy of Sales, Marketing, and Leadership is competitive. We have a maximum number of students that we accept per program run. Admission deadlines are 1 week prior to the program starting, but programs may fill up prior to the deadline date.

There is no fee to apply.

Applying to a program does not always guarantee admission. Due to the sheer number of applicants, we have to be selective in our admission process. If you have applied and were not selected, don’t fret. We have rolling programs that start multiple times per year.

To apply:

  • Fill out the online application

  • Submit a short one-page essay that introduces yourself and defines your professional goals

To apply for admission, click here for the online application.

After you’ve sent in all required documents, your application will be verified and your file will then be submitted to the acceptance committee. Once the committee has reviewed your file and formally accepts you as a student, we inform you of the good news with an acceptance letter!

Along with your acceptance letter, you will find a copy of the Student Agreement form, which requires immediate attention. Keep one for your records and read through it. You will also receive a link to formally register for your program.

At this time, you will also need to pay your full payment for the program ($500.00). Tuition payments are not refundable.