All of our certification programs are online-based, meaning that you can complete your certification program from anywhere in the world at any time you’d like.

This allows for busy professionals, parents, and students to complete their program without the inconvenience of a traditional program that requires students to relocate for months at a time.

We offer three 100% online certification programs that are ideal for those who want to pursue a career in business. Our programs cover principles and lessons for those who aspire to work in sales, marketing, and organizational leadership.

Each program takes only 4 weeks to complete from start to finish. Students who successfully complete the program and graduate with a passing grade will be eligible for the Alumni Referral Program, which will allow alumni to earn back their tuition and more.

Certificate in Professional Selling

The Certificate in Professional Selling is designed for salespeople. The material goes over sales tactics, persuasion, objection handling, the sales cycle, closing strategies, etc. If you sell a product/service for a living (or want to) – this is your program.

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Certificate in Marketing

The Certificate in Marketing is designed for all marketing professionals. The material goes over product placement, value creation, marketing styles, and the creation/implementation of a marketing plan.

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Certificate in Business Leadership

The Certificate in Business Leadership is meant for those individuals who are looking to grow their career. The program reviews material such as recruiting, strategic thinking, managerial budgeting, motivation principles, etc. If you are a newly promoted sales leader or if you are looking to get promoted, this course is for you.

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